Special “OMOTENASHI” Hospitality Service geared towards skiers: avoid the flu and have fun skiing!


Two hotels in Nagano prefecture, the Hakuba Yamano Hotel and Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba respectively, are holding a special service to ensure skiers and travelers alike have a flu-free stay in Japan. The service is currently active and will span until the end of February.  


What is the Special “OMOTENASHI” Hospitality Service?
The Special “OMOTENASHI” Hospitality Service is a service that aims to provide guidance and items that are typically used in Japan to prevent the flu to travelers. Items provided include “ugai” liquids used for gargling, guidance on one of Japan’s traditional disease prevention customs “kampu masatsu” (where one rubs a dry towel along the body to create friction and warmth), surgical masks, “kairo” (pocket warmers), probiotic drinks and other preventative measures typically used in Japan.

Hakuba Yamano Hotel

Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba

In recent years, the areas around the Hakuba mountain in Nagano prefecture has developed into 10 different ski resorts. Now known as the “HAKUBA VALLEY,” HAKUBA VALLEY tickets geared towards long-term stayers as well as easy access from the airport makes the area popular with winter sports lovers from all over the world. Among visitors are also those coming from warmer climates who may not be well prepared to deal with the flu season in Japan. As a result, they get sick and can’t enjoy their vacation to its fullest.

In order to help prevent this from happening, Hakuba Yamano Hotel and Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba teamed up to explore ways in which they could help their visitors starting this ski season.

◆Service Information
●Period: January 10th , 2019 ~ February, 28th, 2019 (for a limited, 2-month period only)
●Target: foreign guests
①Hakuba Yamano Hotel
 ・Every room comes complete with the Special “OMOTENASHI” Hospitality Service Kit (kit includes guides to flu prevention, hand towel, green tea, surgical masks, and pocket warmers)

 ・A probiotic drink is provided in the breakfast buffet.
 *Lactococcus Plasma activates the immune system and is effective in fighting against the flu.

②Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba
・The Special “OMOTENASHI” Hospitality Service Kit will be delivered to the guest at the lobby (kit includes guides to flu prevention, hand towel, green tea, surgical masks, and pocket warmers)
・"Kampu masatsu” will be introduced in the dry sauna room, in the hotel bath.

◆Details about the Special “OMOTENASHI” Hospitality Service Kit
①  Green tea “ugai”
The concept of “ugai” or “gargling” is a hygienic ritual widely practiced in Japan to prevent disease. The sterilizing effect and antioxidizing effects of catechin in green tea makes it a great for gargling to fight against the flu.



  Surgical masks and pocket warmers

If you’re ever in Japan long enough, you’ll see that there are a number of people wearing surgical masks. This is to prevent the spread of disease or vice versa. In addition, “kairo” or “pocket warmers” you usually paste on the middle of your back are also popular with the Japanese. Not only do they keep you warm, but it is also believed that the warmth also helps to regulate the body’s immune system.

③  Try out the “kampu masatsu” technique

“Kampu masatsu” is one of Japan’s traditional methods of flu prevention. This is where one rubs a dry towel along the body to create friction and warmth. Doing this is believed to promote blood circulation, metabolism and immune system which will, in theory, help fight off the flu. This is similar to the concept of “dry brushing” where a brush is used instead of a towel.

④  Taking Lactococcus Plasma

A type of probiotic lactic acid bacteria discovered by beverage manufacturing company, Kirin. Consuming it is believed to help improve the immune system to fight against colds and flus, especially during the winter months.

For more details about Lactococcus Plasma, please refer to the Kirin website: https://www.kirinholdings.co.jp/english/ir/private/lounge/topics/006.html

Hotel Information
■Hakuba Yamano Hotel
Address: 34777 Hokujo, Hakuma-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano-ken 399-9301
Access: 7-minute drive from Hakuba Station OR 5-minute walk from Happo-one Winter Resort
Number of Rooms: 21
Official Website: http://www.hakuba-yamanohotel.com/

■Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba
Address: 12860-1 Chikuniotsu Otari-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano-ken 399-9422
Access: 10-minute drive from Minami-Otari Station OR 0 minute walk from Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort
Number of Rooms: 260
Official Website: https://www.hgp.co.jp/inf/Z01/hgp/

◆Inquiries about the service
Hakuba Special “OMOTENASHI” Hospitality Service Office