Travelling in Tokyo this Winter? Starting January 11th, you can also get your Tokyo Subway Ticket at Yamada Denki!


If you’re looking to buy some electronics while you’re in Tokyo, Yamada Denki also offers discounts for Tokyo Subway Ticket holdersRead on for more details.


What are “Tokyo Subway Tickets”?

A “Tokyo Subway Ticket” is a ticket geared towards travelers. Ticket holders enjoy an unlimited number of rides to a total of 13 subway lines around Tokyo (all 9 lines run by Tokyo Metro and all 4 lines of the subway) for a 24, 48 or 72-hour period.


In addition to the airport, tickets can also be purchased at Metro Pass Offices, Tourist Information Offices and more. Now, however, tickets will also be available for purchase at 3 Yamada Denki stores within Tokyo. If you’re near one and you haven’t gotten a ticket, here’s your chance!


Are there any special benefits to purchasing a ticket?

Yes! Showing your ticket and passport will net you an additional 7% discount on top of the 8% tax exemption, totaling to a 15% discount on your entire purchase. Travelers may use this special at all 52 Yamada Denki stores (see ※ for more details).

 (※)Please refer to Yamada Denki’s homepage for a list of stores that carry tickets.

Purchasing tickets at Yamada Denki

1 Ticket Sale Period
  Beginning Friday, January 11th, 2019

2 Sale Locations
  Tickets may be purchased at the following Yamada Denki stores within Tokyo:
  (1)B1F, LABI Shinjuku Nishiguchi Kan (nearest subway station: Shinjuku Station Marunouchi line)
  (2)1F, LABI 1 Nihon Sohonten (head office) Ikebukuro (nearest subway station: Ikebukuro Station Marunouchi line)
  (3)YAMADA IKEBUKURO Outlet/Reuse & Tax Free House
    (nearest subway station: Ikebukuro Station Marunouchi line)

3 Target Group
  Foreign Nationals visiting Japan
  ※ Passports are necessary when purchasing a Tokyo Subway Ticket.
  ※ Customers must show their passport and Tokyo Subway Ticket in order to receive a 7% discount in addition to their 8% tax exemption discount. Please note that the Passport and Tokyo Subway Ticket must not be pass the expiration date.

4 About “Tokyo Subway Ticket”
(1)Ticket Types and Prices
  Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket (valid for 24 hours from time of purchase) Adults 800 yen, Children 400 yen
  Tokyo Subway 48-hour Ticket (valid for 48 hours from time of purchase) Adults 1,200 yen, Children 600 yen
  Tokyo Subway 72-hour Ticket (valid for 72 hours from time of purchase) Adults 1,500 yen, Children 750 yen
  ※ Tickets will be sold in special envelopes with the location and date of purchase written.
  ※ Tokyo Subway tickets are also eligible for CHIKA TOKU offers (see Notes for more details)

(2)Ticket Validity
  Valid for use in all subway and Tokyo Metro lines.

5 Inquiries
  Tokyo Metro Customer Center TEL:0120-104106 ※Hours of Operation 9:00~20:00
  Toei Transportation Customer Center TEL:03-3816-5700 ※Hours of Operation 9:00~20:00

【Notes】What is an extra value「ちかとく」CHIKA TOKU?
The CHIKA TOKU service offers discounts, gifts, and many more in approximately 400 locations around Tokyo. Customers who have purchased a valid train ticket such as a one-day train pass issue by Tokyo Metro and Toei Transportation are eligible for this service. Pleasevisit( more details.