Not sure what to do this Summer? Try star-gazing and other various activities at Mt. Fuji.


From the super moon on January 2nd to total lunar eclipses in January and July, and Mars coming closest to Earth on July 31st, this year has been marked with many wonderful astronomical events. Amongst those events is the yearly Perseids meteor shower, one of the most popular meteor showers set to occur in August of every year. This year, the peak was said to have happened from August 12th through 13th.



“CAMPica Fuji Grinpa,” the “campsite for those who want a clear view of the Milky Way and meteor showers,” is located on the southern part of the foot of the second station of Mt. Fuji, next to amusement park, “Grinpa.” It is opened for a limited time from August 10th ~ 19th and August 25th ~ September 23rd  and is said to be the best place to observe the Perseid meteor shower as there are no surrounding extra light to distract from the relaxing atmosphere of the open night sky. Since this campsite is located at a rather high altitude, the air is rather crisp, with temperatures being about 6~7℃  lower than normal. All lodging plans come complete with binoculars from Vixen Co., Ltd, camping beds to roll around in as you gaze at the stars, and a PICA Resort original planisphere for the full experience. Reservations can be made here (



There is also a mountain biking park near the tent site where visitors can enjoy the great outdoors by skate boarding, inline skating, using kick scooters and/or striders (for mountain bikes, visitors can either bring their own or rent one at the site).



Lastly, visitors can also enjoy various activities such as mazes while gazing at a field of flowers of over 30,000 Dahlias, 30,000 Marigolds, 16,000 Cosmos and many other types of flowers. The best part is, this “Dahlia in the Sky Festival” which is currently being held at Grinpa amusement park, offers a view of Mt. Fuji as the backdrop. We recommend visiting the camp grounds at the second station of Mt. Fuji if you’re looking for a fun-filled and relaxing summer vacation for both you and your loved ones!