The 5-year history of Tokyo One Piece Tower has come to an end. A message of thanks from Eiichiro Oda!


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Tokyo One Piece Tower, which opened on March 13, 2015, has closed down its five-year history on July 31, 2020.


A message from Eiichiro Oda, the original author, was released at the entrance after the closing of the Tokyo One Piece Tower.

Message from Ota Eiichiro

“Thank you for 5 years of Tokyo One Piece Tower!”
No one could have imagined that it would meet its end in such a world.
It was so happy in such a private space, but it couldn’t continue.
It’s a pity, but 5 years is already a long time!
It’s a collection of five years of memories from many fans.
5 years of support for the cast and crew who continued to perform reality shows every day for 5 years!!!!
I’m sure it’s a happy time, and even a beautiful time without regrets every single day.
To me, the fact that you all have worked so hard on a project up to now is the result of a lot of gratitude.
Let’s just say that the Tokyo One Piece Tower has become a legend!
I look forward to seeing Tokyo One Piece Tower one day in a different form.
Thank you very much for creating a happy space in the past 5 years!
2020.7 Eiichiro Oda

In addition, a commemorative video full of memories was released on the official “Tokyo One Piece Tower” Youtube channel.


Although Tokyo One Piece Tower has closed, Cafe Mugiwara, located on the first floor, will remain open until August 23, 2020 (Sun) to bring back memories of the past.


From August 3rd (Mon) to August 23rd (Sun), the last business day of Cafe Mugiwara, you can enjoy a special menu.

■Opening hours:11:00-19:00(Last Order:18:15)
See Cafe Mugiwara’s website for more dining options.

The Mugiwara Store (Tokyo One Piece Tower), also located on the first floor, will continue to serve you after the closure of Tokyo One Piece Tower, and to express your gratitude for the five years of support, new products will be launched.The final business day will be announced at a later date.


Badge Summer 2020 (9 types, random pattern) 470 yen + tax
*Sales will begin on August 8 (Sat).

Acrylic Keyring Summer 2020 1500yen + tax
*Sales will begin on August 8 (Sat).

■Business hours:11:00~19:00(Last entry 18:45 on weekdays and 18:30 on national holidays)
For more information, please check official Twitter.