Special, limited in quantity items to be sold in celebration of “Nyan Nyan Nyan Day” (Meow Meow Meow Day)!


Since the word for “two” in Japanese (pronounced “ni”) sounds very similar to “nyan” (the Japanese word for “meow”),  February 22nd is normally celebrated as “Cat Day” in Japan. To commemorate Cat day, cat-themed items such as original blend coffee “Nyan Coffee,” snack sets, wine with a cute cat label and more will be available at local KALDI Coffee Farms…


Read on for a brief summary of the available items!


■Designs that will tickle cat lover's fancy: Which cat is your favorite?



"Nyan Coffee" is a blend that uses rare and high-quality peaberry beans mainly blended with beans from Brazil and Rwanda. The set comes with a limited-design pouch and caramel madeleines to go with the mild sweetness of this exotic coffee. The stylish pouch (with front and back designs of 7 different cats in total) can be put to good use even after you’ve emptied all the contents!

【Item Overview】

Product name:”Nyan Coffee Set”

Price:1,080 yen (including tax)

Contents:Original Pouch (30cm x 23cm), “Nyan Coffee” (200g), Original Madeleines (2 pieces)

Date available:Friday, February 15th

Location:At KALDI Coffee Farm stores and online shops

Limit 2 per person on both online and in stores.
Please note that there may be changes in the price, content and design of the items.


Product name:Cafe KALDI Drip Nyan Coffee


Price:120 yen (including tax)

Date available: Friday, February 15th

"Nyan Coffee" is also available in drip form! Now you can enjoy collecting all three cute designs! They also make great gifts for cat lovers.


■Snacks in the shape of cats


【Clockwise from top right】

Product name:CAT Candy Jar

Quantity:9 pieces

Price:462 yen (including tax)

Product will be available in early February.

Inside the jar is an assortment of candy in the shape of cats, fish and cat paws.


Product name:Original Cat Paw Gummy

Quantity:6 pieces

Price:213 yen (including tax)

Product will be available in early February.

These yogurt-flavored gummies come with a total of 2 color variations (pink and brown).


Product name:Original Nyan Cookies


Price:394 yen (including tax)

Product will be available in early February.

There are at total 4 different types of cats including calico cats, 3 types of cat paws and more.


Product name:Original Cat Marshmallows


Price:321 yen (including tax)

Product will be available in early February.

Fluffy marshmallows wrapped in separate bags with cat designs.


■The popular Sangria drink with a meowtastic twist

Product name:Sol De Verana “Nyan-gria”


Price:717 yen (including tax)

Date available: Friday, February 15th

Sangria from Spain with a berry and fruity taste. It’s sweet and easy to drink and can be drunk either chilled, room-temperature, or with soda.

Alcoholic beverages may not be available at some of the stores.

Products availability may differ depending on each store.