Crab lover’s heaven: 2019 Echizen Crab Festival in Fukui


The season for feasting on crabs is fast approaching here in Japan! That being said, it’s a no-brainer that several events relating to crabs and crab-eating are popping up. Among those events is Echizen town’s annual crab festival.   

Since snow crab fishing is only allowed 4 months out of the year in Japan, this festival is held in order to celebrate the end of the season and, in part, to give thanks to the crabs.
This year, the festival will be held for two consecutive days and will feature fresh crabs from Echizen, Special Echizen Crab Soup, crab-peeling competition, the town’s mascot character, Kani Taro, and more. If you’re a huge crab lover like me, and you want to experience the local festival atmosphere, go and check out the 2019 Echizen Crab Festival!




【Event Period】9:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM; Saturday, March 2nd ~ Sunday, March 3rd, 2019
【Location】Michi-no-eki Echizen(71-335-1, Kuriya, Echizen-cho, Nyuu-gun, Fukui)
【Event Information】
  Special Echizen Crab Soup:
Contains fresh crab and shrimp caught from Echizen
  Price: 500 yen per bowl
  Quantity: limit 400 bowls per day (200 bowls sold in the morning, and an additional 200 in the afternoon)
  Morning: food ticket sales and distribution begin at 10:30
  Afternoon: food ticket sales and distribution begin at 13:30

In addition to the Special Echizen Crab Soup, there is also a crab-peeling competition. That’s right–see how fast you can peel spider crab! Participation fee is absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose! The event will be held at noon, on stage. Don’t miss this chance!  


Other highlights of the festival include stocks of fresh Echizen crabs, spider crabs, snow crabs and various other types of crabs.


Visitors can also expect an array of gourmet seafood bowls, made with fresh ingredients ranging from crab rice bowls, freshly-broiled mackerel bowl, seafood yakisoba and more.


Other Features:

Bingo Competition

Participants of this bingo game can win anything ranging from Echizen Crab to tickets for hotels and other accommodations. For every 1,000 yen worth of purchases made at the festival, guests will be able to gifted a bingo card, so there’s no excuse not to play!

Time: twice per day, once from 11:30 AM~ and once from 3:00 PM~  

Kani Taro, the town’s mascot

The town’s mascot, Kani Taro, will be your host for various games and competitions held on stage! Below is a list of some of the games that will be held during the festival:


Crab-themed Games!

You and your children can try out various fun crab-themed games! In addition to the crab shell stacking game pictured above, guests can enjoy making balloons in the shape of Kani Taro! There will be someone to teach you the art of balloon-making, so you won’t have to worry about not knowing what to do!


Games for your children!
Other games include “Hide-and-seek with Kani Taro!” (limited to children only) Look for Kani Taro as he’s hiding in the Echizen Museum! Likewise, participants will receive some crab-themed goods for playing!
*entrance fee to the museum is required to participate
*event will be held in Echizen Museum

≪Number of attendees≫

Approximately 35,000 people(last year’s statistics)



Echizen Crab Festival Executive Committee