【Hanshin Department Store】Celebrate this Valentine’s with heart-shaped food!


Love is in the air! Check out the basement floor of Hanshin Department Store for limited-time items, only available until Thursday, February 14th!


Happy February, everyone! That’s right, it’s that time of year again…With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, stores in Japan are adorned with heart-shaped themed sweets ranging from baked goods to luxury chocolate and more. But, what if your valentine isn’t really a fan of sweets? If you’re still looking to show your love to that special someone who isn’t really much of a sweets kind of person, then Hanshin Department Store Umeda may have something for you!   


Read on for a brief introduction of an assortment of  interesting items available for purchase this February!


Heart-shaped food: Make a big impression in the dining room!

“Niku no Takumi: Ito” Japanese Black Beef Round Steak (heart-shaped) 100g for 1,080 yen


Why not fry up a juicy, hearty cut of Japanese Black (breed of cattle, especially raised for wagyu)?


“Hanshin-Higesada” Heart-shaped Tuna (southern bluefin tuna: medium fatty tuna/1 pack) 1,381 yen



Koichian’s Valentine Assortment, Heart-shaped Sushi Roll Lunch Box  (1 serving) 756 yen 【Available from February 4th. Limited quantity, 8 sold per day】


“Tenten” Heart-shaped ‘one-bite’ Gyoza (20 pieces),  1,031 yen 【Sales start from Monday, February 11th】


Romantically delicious Osaka’s specialty gyoza: everything up to the skin is pink! Show your love with fried food! Not only is it heart-shaped, it also goes well with drinks.



“Yokohama Smoke Studio’s” Heart-shaped Smoked Cheese (90g) 1,620 yen


■More heart-shaped food!


“Hanshin’s Specialty Grilled Squid” <Frozen> (set of 3), 540 yen ※Limited quantity, 100 sets only【Sold starting Friday, February 1st】


This normally popular grilled squid is now available–in the shape of a heart!



Misogen’s “Devotion” (1 piece) 303 yen

Enjoy some some onion soup with this heart-shaped soup block! Perfect for a warm and hearty Valentine’s!



Local Kamaboko (fish cakes) Valentine’s Bouquet (10 sticks per bouquet) 1,728 yen 【Sold starting Friday, February 1st】


Instead of getting a bouquet of roses, why not substitute it for a bouquet of colorful fish cakes?



Kyo no Obanzai Nomura’s Heart-shaped garnishes (6 pieces per pack), 501 yen


Lastly, this may look like chocolate initially but is actuatlly flavored seaweed! It goes well as a garnish with rice.


Make sure to check out the department store this month and be on a look out for these various heart-shaped foods and more!