Blooming Red in the Heart of the City「TOKYO RED GARDEN AUTUMN FESTIVAL 2018」


As temperatures dip, and Japan finds itself with cooler weather, it isn’t uncommon to see the colors of the leaves change into vibrant hues of red. To welcome the fall season this year, Happo-en Garden will be hosting a limited-time event, the “HAPPO-EN TOKYO RED GARDEN 2018,” from November 1st (Thurs.) through December 6th (Thurs.).



On weekends, visitors can sip on some alcoholic beverages from the “Red Bar” as they enjoy vivid colors of the autumn foliage. In addition to a signature cocktail made to compliment the season, garden-goers will also have an opportunity to order a sake cocktail. For even more of a “fall in Japan” type of experience, visitors can try their hands at koyogari (red leaf hunting) and relax with a cup of hot tea. If you’re looking for something more exciting, be sure to watch out for the DJ NIGHT event to be held during this period. 

Why not enjoy this autumn in Japan?

Below are details of various facilities and attractions at Happo-en.


Autumn Illuminations



※Customers at restaurants and those who attend the event are free to enjoy the illumination.

  •  Event Period: November 1st (Thurs.) through December 6th (Thurs.), from sunset to 10:00pm.


Garden Bar



The Garden Bar will be open for a limited time only. In celebration of the upcoming season, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy an original Happo-en cocktail which contains a combination of organic beets, ginger and rose sparkling wine.

  • Event period: November 15th ,16th ,22nd ,23rd, 29th ,30th
  • Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm
  • Location: Garden (cancelled in the event of rain)
  • Cost: 2,000 yen for Signature Cocktail and Pinchos (includes tax and service charge)
  • Inquiries: 03-3441-7888


Night of Red Leaves



Talented music artist, Mr. Shuya Okino, returns for another year of the “Night of Red Leaves” at Thrush Café. Here, visitors can enjoy a night of live music and the gourmet Taittinger champagne, usually available in topnotch restaurants around the world.

Pre-purchase tickets here:

  • Date: December 6th (Thurs.)
  • Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm
  • Place: Thrush Café
  • Cost/Entrance Fee: 2,000 yen (includes tax and service charge) per person (comes with one drink)
  • Reservations and Inquiries: 03-3443-3105(10:00am – 10:00pm)





Enjyu Shizenkan Restaurant prides itself in providing its customers with “Shizenkan,” or a “view of nature” through its fresh seasonal vegetables using only the finest organic ingredients with no added preservatives or chemicals. Why not try out some fresh seasonal vegetables?

  • Event Period: November 1st (Thurs.) – November 30th (Fri.)
  • Time: 5:00pm – 10:00pm (last order at 9:00pm)
  • Cost: 2,400 yen for fresh, organically harvested vegetables and naturally fermented miso Bagna Cauda (includes tax and service charge)
  • Reservations and Inquiries: 03-3443-3125 (10:30am – 10:00pm)

※An a-la-carte autumn lunch and dinner menu is also available upon request.

■Thrush Café



At Thrush Café, which prides itself on fresh vegetables sent directly from a local farm, visitors can enjoy various dishes crafted to the “autumn” theme. Visitors can also enjoy a wonderful view of the garden from the terrace.

  • Event Period: November 1st (Thurs.) – November 30th (Fri.)
  • Time: 5:00pm – 10:00pm (last order at 9:00pm) 
  • Cost: 4,800 yen per course (includes tax and service charge)
  • Reservations and Inquiries: 03-3443-3105(10:30am – 10:00pm)

※An a-la-carte menu is also available upon request.

■Anniversary Garden



Here, visitors will be able to enjoy specialty desserts made without any flour or dairy products. Many desserts also use organic apples, grown without pesticides or fertilizers.

  • Event Period: November 1st (Thurs.) – November 30th (Fri.) 
  • Time: 11:30am – 3:00pm (Lunch), 3:00pm – 5:00pm (Tea time), 6:00pm – 10:00pm (Dinner, last order at 8:30pm)
  • Cost: Roasted Vanilla Ice Cream (1,500 yen), Tart (1,200 yen), Parfait (1,100 yen), Compote and Sorbet (800 yen) (does not include tax and service charge)
  • Reservations and Inquiries: 03-6721-9406(10:00am – 8:30pm, closed on Tuesdays)

※An a-la-carte menu is also available upon request.

Please visit the link below for more information about the “TOKYO RED GARDEN AUTUMN FESTIVAL 2018”