3COINS and Doraemon’s collaboration items will go on sale on July 23, 2020!


This year marks the 50th anniversary of Doraemon, and a series of co-branding activities have been launched in Japan. This time, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Doraemon and to coincide with the release of  “Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s New Dinosaur” on August 7, 2020 in Japan, 3COINS, a 300-yen grocery store in Japan, will release Doraemon’s co-branded merchandise. The collaboration items will go on sale at 3COINS all over Japan starting July 23, 2020 (Thu) .(including 3COINS+plus、colle、3COINS OOOPS!、3COINS station、ASOKO+3COINS)


※Taxes not included

Cool Towel 300 yen

Cold-insulating agent set 300yen

Water Repellent Pouch 300 yen

Straw Mug 300yen

Children’s swim ring 500 yen

Folding chair 500 yen

Hooded bath towel 1,000 yen

Foldable tent 1,500 yen

Please refer to the official website for more products and detailed information.

Sale Time:
Stage 1: July 23, 2020 (Thu)~
Stage 2: August 1, 2020 (Sat)~
Available at: 3COINS stores throughout Japan (including 3COINS+plus、colle、3COINS OOOPS!、3COINS station、ASOKO+3COINS)
Event website:www.3coins.jp/pr/doraemon2020/
※On the day of the sale, in order to avoid crowds in the store, 3coins plans to introduce a “LINE call” system in the store, so that customers can enter the store in order.

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