Interactive Art, “teamLab: Digitized Lakeside and Forest” to be held in Saitama starting December!


 This winter, Moomin Monogatari, Ltd., and teamLab Inc. are collaborating to bring an interactive art event, “teamLab: Digitized Lakeside and Forest” to Saitama prefecture. The event will be held at “metsa village,” a facility built with the goals to convey the charms of the Nordic lifestyle to its visitors. This time, teamLab Inc., well-known for its many art projects around Japan, aims to create interactive art that both harmonizes with the nature around the lake and changes with the presence of people.



  The event period will span from December 1st (Sat) to March 3rd (Sun), and those interested can purchase tickets starting from October 22nd (Mon) on the Lawson Ticket website, the Nippon TV Ticket website, and via “Loppi” machines in any Lawson and Ministop.



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