“Demon Slayer” and “Honey’s”, a Japanese women’s fashion brand, are collaborating on a new line of clothing!


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Following the success of UNIQLO and GU, Japanese women’s fashion brand “Honey’s” has also launched a 40 item lineup of hooded tops, zippered hooded jackets, T-shirts and tote bags, which are now available at “Honey’s” online store and some Honey’s stores in Japan.The second batch of products including small bags, cosmetic bags, handkerchiefs, etc. are expected to be released in mid-September, so look forward to that!

▼Zipped hooded jacket

Price: 2,980 yen (tax included)
Type: 6 types in total
size: S・M・L・LL

▼Hooded Top

Price: 2,680 yen(tax included)
Type: 6 types in total


Price: 1,480 yen(tax included)
Type: 7 types in total

▼Tote Bag

Price: 2,480 yen(tax included)
Type: 6 types in total

Please check the “Honey’s” online store for more product information.