3COINS and Chibi Maruko-chan’s collaboration items will go on sale on June 30th, 2020!


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Chibi Maruko-chan will collaborate with the 300-yen shop "3COINS". The collaboration items will go on sale at 3COINS nationwide Tuesday, June 30, 2020.(including 3COINS+plus、colle、3COINS OOOPS!、3COINS station、ASOKO+3COINS)The collaboration items are designed in the motif of the original comics, and are designed to include the Sakura family members as well as Maruko's best friend. A total of 39 items, each priced under 500 yen.

※Taxes not included

magazine rack  500yen

umbrella 500yen

set of 4 folders  300yen

mini tote bag 300yen

adhesive plaster  300yen

set of 2 stickers 300yen


cosmetic bag 300yen

wall storage bag 300yen

shopping bag  300yen

Please refer to the official website(https://www.3coins.jp/pickup/chibimarukochan) for more products and detailed information.