COLD STONE x Rilakkuma” will be launched on March 26th (Thu), 2020!


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From March 26th to April 30th, 2020 (Thursday), COLD STONE Japan will be offering " Rilakkuma 's Fruit Basket", "Korilakkuma's Muffin Ice Cream" and "Kiiroitori's Yummy yummy Mango" in all COLD STONE stores in Japan for a limited time. In addition, with the purchase of one of the three ice items, you can add a limited number of "COLD STONE x Rilakkuma " co-branded items, so spend this spring at COLD STONE with your cute Lala Bear and friends!

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【Rilakkuma fruit basket​ 900yen + tax】

※One Size

Blueberry and strawberry ice cream with a combination of fruit flavors, with apple slices and large strawberries for garnish, and a final touch of Rilakkuma macaroons… Isn't it cute when you're surrounded by fruit? The sweet and sour taste is refreshing and not greasy!


【Korilakkuma pancakes on ice​ 800 yen + tax】

※One Size

With a peach ice cream base, mixed with raspberries and pears, muffins and whipped cream on top, and little Korilakkuma macaroons, the lightly sweet and dreamy look is ready for you to enjoy!


【Yummy Yummy Mango of Kiroitori​ 800 yen + tax】


Mango Lemon Iced Drink with Cheese Cookie Ice Cream, Mango, and Kiiroitori Macaroons, made with a yellow theme, the whole glass is filled with the love of Kiiroitoris.


【Restricted Add-On】

With the purchase of one of the three ice products, you can purchase a limited number of "COLD STONE x Rilakkuma" co-branded products, including Rilakkuma puppet charm, mug, folder, badge and acrylic charm, all for a limited time while supplies last.

The badge and acrylic charm patterns cannot be selected.


※For more information, please visit the official website of COLD STONE.