To draw cute illustrations easily! “Waki Stationery” recently launched “Waki Stationery Original Template”!


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Established in 1926, Osaka's long-established stationery store, Waki Stationery, started online sales in 2001. On various social networking sites, mainly on the official Instagram page, you can find some tips on how to use your diary in a more fun and convenient way and a wide range of stationery ideas. They currently have over 150,000 official instagram followers.

Waki Stationery recently launched "Waki Stationery Original Template" from the brand's official website. " Waki Stationery Original Template" are templates which are useful for writing in your notebook or diary. Anyone can rely on it to draw cute illustrations easily.

"Waki Stationery Original Template" demo

The main unit is 75 x 100 mm and compact in size, so you can carry it around with you in your notebook or organizer. There are four different templates. You can use them one by one or in combination with all four.

The "Weekly" template can be used to create a weekly block diary, which can be decorated with slanted ribbons, masking tape,etc.

The "Weekly" template

In the "Monthly" section, you can write a monthly block calendar. You can easily draw evenly spaced borders without a ruler, and you can also easily draw a pattern using the dotted circular lines as a reference point four times. You can paint a cute decorative frame.

The "Monthly" template

In addition to the "tracker" that makes it easy to write a table of habit trackers, the popular Instagram "Lemon Illustrations that allow you to draw a diary, a bear fashion log and a face tracker. 

The "tracker" template & The "illustration" template

The "Waki Stationery Original Template" is now available at Waki Stationery 's official online shop on May 21, 2020 (Thu). It will also be available at Waki stationery stores, Rakuten online store, Yahoo Auction Japan, and amazon in the near future. You'll never have to worry about not being able to draw cute illustrations again with this set!

Waki Stationery 's official online
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