Learn the Way of the Warrior! See what it’s like to be a Samurai for a day!


Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata is partnering up with “Kyoto Samurai Experience” to bring visitors the “Samurai Experience Package” for a special price of 15,000 yen. ※There must be a minimum of 2 participants.

Kyoto samurai experience

After suiting up in your hakama, a type of traditional Japanese clothing which was also worn by samurai and courtiers during the Edo period, visitors will be lead to a 250-year old samurai residence. There, visitors will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the physical and mental training of a samurai through various activities such as meditation and much more.  

Samurai Plan https://www.kyoto.yumeyakata.com/kyotosamurai



With the Samurai Plan, guests will feel as if they have been transported back in time to the samurai era as they stroll from Nijo Castle through the old streets of Kyoto, and to the 250-year old residence. Finally, through the guidance of the sensei, or ‘instructor,’ visitors will be able to get a unique look at various techniques of the samurai. Why not start your journey towards the path of a warrior?



Before the journey can begin, however, guests must first stop by Kyoto Yumeyakata and choose their samurai gear (hakama). The Hakama Plan at Yumeyakata (included with the Samurai Package) allows guests to choose from a wide selection of colors, styles and size, so that visitors can experience the “samurai way” in style and comfort. Once guests are satisfied with their choice, the “samurai experience” begins shortly after.



Upon entering the 250-year old samurai residence and listening to a brief explanation of the history of samurai and the residence itself, visitors can get an even closer look at the intangible culture of the samurai as they watch a short sword performance by the sensei.  


Wooden Sword Training

​After the performance, it’s time for the first part of the training. Guests will first undergo wooden sword training, and soon, the real deal! Nowadays, it’s rare to find people who’ve had the experience of holding a real sword, however, under sensei’s guidance, you’ll finally get the chance to feel the real weight of a sword.



The “Tibetan Singing Bowl” is used throughout the world as an instrument to help with meditation and healing. During the “samurai experience,” visitors can also get a taste of the selflessness of Zen through the soothing sounds of the singing bowl.  

Get a glimpse into the life and training of the samurai… Why not try it while you’re in Japan?  

※Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the Samurai Experience.

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